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Who the Claypez are
Introducing the Claypez

Claypez are a family of 6000 hand crafted and uniquely generated clay apes with additional utility, stored on the Cardano Blockchain. The idea of Claypez came to life as we combined the two things we love: Clay and apes.


Roadmap and Utility

The Claypez Paper is out now!!!


It contains the detailed breakdown of the individual chronological aspects of our roadmap and the associated utilities.


About the founders


Hey fam! I´m Eren aka Claype-Man. 

I´m the project manager of Claypez and responsible for the project development! 

I have always been convinced of the openness and warmth of the Cardano community, which is why it was clear from the start that we would choose Cardano for the launch of our project.

Hello there, my name is Ersin, also known as Claysin, the clay artist of Claypez! 

I always loved to play around with clay and create creative things out of it.

So I reached out to my brother (Eren) and the rest is history...

All rights reserved © Copyright 2022 Claypez. 

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